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OpenAL and Linux

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I want to use music in my game that I made in Linux but I'm not sure how to do it. I know there are tutorials out there for OpenAL but I still need some help. 1. What header files do I need to include? So far I have included al.h but do I need anything else? 2. Since I'm working in Linux can I instead play ogg files rather than wav? If yes is it any different than playing wav? 3. I know there is a tutorial written here on gamedev on OpenAL but I was wondering if I could play ogg files will it make a difference?

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cvs login
(password: guest)
cvs co

after download the file, do something like this:
cd openal/linux

sh ./
./configure --enable-prefix=/usr/local
make install

to make the library

for more information, go to

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