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Rob Loach

[web] DreamWeaver - 550: Overwrite Error

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Never experienced this before, but then I've not used Dreamweaver since Uni. I googled and found something:

Original Site

I had similar trouble during 'saves' to a linux-box, with DWMX. I was getting a "550 error permission denied" or some such verbiage.

I found that when I turned /off/ Design Notes and upload notes for sharing, my troubles went away.
Somehow, permissions were screwy in the 'overwrite file' area. Each time a Note was updated, it seemed that DW wouldn't have the proper permissions, despite whatever permissions I had for myself on the server.

No Notes, No problem. If you need Notes, there might be a problem, though.

Are you uploading to Linux, WindowsServer, or do these errors occur regardless of server platform?

No sure if the error masseage (550...) is from the server or from DW, but I think it's from the server. Your "can't Put" message might be Windows way of telling you that there's a permissions/rights issue.

Not sure this helps. Hope it does.

Or it also looks likely that it may be a server configuration change that's causing it. Has your host changed any config settings lately?

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Original post by DerAnged
Never tried dreamweaver as ftp, if this doesnt work out, try filezilla.

I really recommend it. You save your document and it automatically uploads it to the FTP for you in the correct directory. Very fast and awesome for quickly testing.

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