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Strange problem with TGAs...

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I've added a TGA loader to my current project from one of my old ones. It deals with Uncompressed, True-color, 24-bit or 32-bit images. This was all well and good, until I came to load my latest batch of TGA textures, created in the demo version of Paint Shop Pro 9. It seems that PSP9 is packing TGAs in ARGB format, not the expected BGRA format. Now, I looked at two TGA tutorials: one from Nehe, and one from GameTutorials. Both expect either BGR or BGRA format, and both switch the red and blue components. However, I also took a look at the official TGA specification over at Wotsit1, and it states that True-color images are supposed to be saved as Attribute, Red, Green, Blue. So, is this a case of PSP9 complying more strictly with the TGA spec? I saved the TGAs with the same options I used in previous versions of PSP (24-bit, Uncompressed), and there's an alpha mask saved in with the textures I'm trying to load. I also tried to load the TGA file from the GameTutorials tutorial, and my loader opened it fine... 1 "TGA File format specification V2.0", Page 10, "Image Data - Field 8".

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