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I Know theres a problem (i just dont know how to fix it)

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ok what this function is doing is (wow this is complicated) ok its reading in a text file that has some atributes of the object, then puting it at posistion 50,50 and placing that object in the back of a vector i think the problem is in the enemy constructor but ill post more code then that
void Level::run(int LVL_NUM,char* Master_Enemy_List[])

        Enemy* New_Enemy = new Enemy(Master_Enemy_List[0],50,50,&this->Enemy_Vector);// master list is the .txt files that the constructor reads from

Enemy::Enemy(char* File_Name, int x, int y,vector<Enemy*> *V_Enemy)
    FileName = File_Name;
    R_Enemy.x = x;
    R_Enemy.y = y;
    ifstream fin;
    this->Name = "";
    getline(fin, Name);
    fin >> this->Life;
    getline(fin, Image);
    fin >> this->Weapon_ID; // index to a weapon array;
    fin >> this->Speed;
    fin >> this->ID;//index to enemy array

//part of source
char* Master_Enemy_Files[] = {"Enemy_One.txt"}; 
I_Enemy = SDL_LoadBMP(Enemy_List[One->Enemy_Vector->ID]);
             One->Enemy_Vector->R_Enemy.x -= One->Enemy_Vector->Speed;

lol oops ok the problem is that this image is sapposed to render and move accross the screen briefly (yes thats it for now) and it isnt i ran to debugger and got 2 segmentation faluts but it wont point our were they are and since these are the only 2 functions that i have changed today its gotta be them also when commenting out the run() it runs fine

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I can almost gaurantee the problem is caused by mixing pointer and array type parameters. Use pointer-types exclusively. You're probably not deleting the new'd object in run.

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acctuall i think the problem is that i was treating this

const char* Enemy_List[] = {"Enemy.bmp"};

as this

const char* Enemy_List[][50] = ("Enemy.bmp"};

would a vector of const char* do the job?

i want each "blalblablal" to be treated as ONE thing not a whole bunch of chars but i have to use const char* for file names (i cant use strings) so would that suffice??

Note: i put this alot for clarity and if there are external variables with simaler names

[Edited by - raptorstrike on November 8, 2004 9:52:22 PM]

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