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3dbuzz.com releases c++ vtm's

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they are taking pre-orders now i am not selling these...these are being sold to support the 3dbuzz website...to help pay for bandwith for all the free vtm's they offer to everybody http://sv3.3dbuzz.com/xcart/customer/home.php

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Again, this should be in the Announcements forum. I think this is the 2nd post about this subject in a short period of time. I think you should just learn how to use the appropriate forum.


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sorry i forgot
my fault i just wanted to let every body know that 3dbuzz.com
released these video training modules

they are great i have learned a lot from the first three

----quote from jason busby of 3dbuzz.com-------------
New C++ VTMs available for preorder!
Have you ever wanted to become a programmer and write your own video games? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to understand a modern programming language? Have you ever felt intimidated by the level of knowledge needed to be a proficient programmer? Have you tried to teach yourself C++ using books or websites, but to no avail?

If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, then 3D Buzz has a solution that will change the way you look at programming forever! 3D Buzz is making it’s C++ Programming VTMs available to the public for the first time ever!

The first three issues of the C++ Programming VTM Series will soon be available in our store for only $49.95 USD each (plus S&H). These three VTMs will get even the complete beginner up to speed in the world of object-oriented programming with C++! The first two issues introduce the viewer to the necessary techniques and syntax needed for programming in C++, while issue 3 demonstrates the creation of a fully-playable video game! The lessons for each of these videos are listed below.

3D Buzz has also just finished issues 4 and 5 of the C++ Programming VTM Series, and we are currently having both CDs professionally printed! These issues cover more advanced techniques in C++, including user interface development, and game design! They also contain a total of over seven hours of instruction including never-before-seen lessons that will only be available on the CDs, and are currently available in the store for preorder at only $49.95 each (plus S&H)! The discs will be ready for shipment during the first week of December.

Best of all, to celebrate the release of the two latest issues of the C++ Programming VTM Series, 3D Buzz is announcing a special offer, just in time for the Holidays! For those who preorder both issues 4 and 5, we will include issues 1, 2, and 3 absolutely FREE! That’s a $149.85 savings that will give you access to the entire C++ VTM Series to date, spanning nearly eighteen hours of content! Plus, we will ship the first three issues of the series as soon as you order, so that you can get started right away, and be fully up to speed when the other two VTMs arrive in early December!

This preorder offer will only be available through December 1, so act quickly! Below is a list of the available VTMs:

C++ Programming Issue 1: Introduction to C++
Running Time: 2 hrs, 15 mins
Overview: This VTM will introduce you to the world of C++, using beginner-level examples and descriptions. The lessons include proper use of variables, data types, operators, loops, and arrays.

•Introduction to C++ (24.7 mins)
•Variables and Data Types (19.5 mins)
•Operators (24.8 mins)
•Control Statements and Branching (24.8 mins)
•Control Statements – Looping (18.8 mins)
•Introduction to Arrays (22.4 mins)

Price: $49.95 plus S&H, or FREE with preorder of Issue 4 and Issue 5!

C++ Programming Issue 2: Intermediate Techniques
Running Time: 2 hrs, 35 mins
Overview: This VTM expands upon the techniques established in the first VTM. The included lessons cover the use of pointers, structures, functions, classes, and the nature of inheritance in object-oriented programming.

•Introduction (2.1 mins)
•Pointers (30.8 mins)
•Structures (12.7 mins)
•Functions (35.6 mins)
•Classes (53 mins)
•Inheritance (21.4 mins)

Price: $49.95 plus S&H, or FREE with preorder of Issue 4 and Issue 5!

C++ Programming Issue 3: Introduction to Game Development
Running Time: 5 hrs, 13 mins
Overview: This VTM will introduce you to the necessary skills to write your own game using C++! The lessons cover the creation of the main game loop, the construction of the draw engine, and the development of each of the necessary classes to make the game work.

Note: The Introduction video of this VTM mentions that the game will be ported to the Game Boy Advance. This content has yet to be recorded, as it was not the main focus of the VTM. Once recorded, this material will be available to Member Sponsors who are participating in the C++ Online Class.

•Introduction (22.8 mins)
•Project management (23 mins)
•Game Loop (33.7 mins)
•Draw Engine (39.5 mins)
•Sprite Class (31.2 mins)
•Character Class (16.5 mins)
•Level (1 hr 4 mins)
•Enemy Class (48.7 mins)
•Mage and Fireball (34 mins)

Price: $49.95 plus S&H, or FREE with preorder of Issue 4 and Issue 5!

C++ Programming Issue 4: Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design
Running Time: 1 hr, 54 mins
Overview: This VTM will teach you how to develop your own graphical user interface, or GUI, for your applications. The lessons will use wxWidgets, so that the result will be compatible with multiple platforms, rather than being limited strictly to Windows. Lessons include how to obtain wxWidgets, the creation of your first application using wxWidgets, control creation, use of events, graphic implementation, and how to use precompiled headers to speed up compile times.

•Introduction to wxWidgets (11.7 mins)
•Creating Your First Application (14.1 mins)
•Creating Controls (24.3 mins)
•Event Handling (20.5 mins)
•Using Dynamic Events (15.8 mins)
•Creating and Editing Graphics (20.2 mins)
•Using Precompiled Headers (7.5 mins)

Price: Preorders Only! $49.95 plus S&H

C++ Programming Issue 5: Creating a Sprite-Based Game
Running Time: 5 hrs, 24.5 mins
Overview: This VTM improves the game that was created in Issue 3, turning it into a graphics-based game using sprites! The lessons include creation of the game’s GUI, implementation of a draw engine, addition of sprites, and how to create a fully functional level editor, allowing the player to customize their own gaming experience! Plus, as an added bonus, the CD includes special lessons only available on this disc!

•Introduction (8.4 mins)
•Creating the Game’s Interface (16.1 mins)
•Integrating Existing Code (34.7 mins)
•Timer User Input (12.8 mins)
•Game State Management System (29.5 mins)
•Adding Sprite Speed Control (14.2 mins)
•Graphics Finalization (27.2 mins)
•Creating the GUI for the Level Editor (38.5 mins)
•Adding GUI Functionality – Part 1 (28.7 mins)
•Adding GUI Functionality – Part 2 (32.8 mins)
•Adding GUI Functionality – Part 3 (22.7 mins)
•Saving and Loading Packages (17.9 mins)
•Loading Packages into the Game (41 mins)
•BONUS (only available on the CD): Content for implementing Mana Potion pickups in the game

Price: Preorders Only! $49.95 plus S&H

These videos are exactly what you need to get into the world of programming. They are clear, concise, and (as usual) a bit lively. We’re confident that these videos will make even the total newcomer feel right at home creating their own powerful applications and games using C++!

Again, remember that for a limited time only, you can get the first three issues ABSOLUTELY FREE when you preorder Issues 4 and 5! Plus, we’ll ship the Issues 1-3 immediately after you order, so that you can get to work learning the ropes of programming before the new VTMs arrive in early December! This offer is only available through December 1, so order today!

Thanks for your support of 3D Buzz!




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