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Razorback 2

A n00b that needs to save a .dds file

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Ok, I'm making a mod for Halo PC that envolves the .dds file format. For the past couple of hours, I've been trying to find some resource that would allow me to convert *.bmp files into *.dds files. I've managed to extract the .dds files from Halo's map files and convert them to *.bmps via IrfanView and HMT 3.5 (Halo Map Tools). Well now that I have edited what I need to for the mod, I can't seem to find a utility to convert the .bmps back to .dds files. This format also seems very useful for when it comes to creating your own games, so can someone give me a link to a utility alowing me to open/view/save .dds files? I don't have access to PSP or Photoshop, so suggesting the plugin for them won't help me. However, I have heard something mentioned about a "DirectX Texture Tool" utility that comes with the DirectX SDK. Where could I download and find information about this utility?

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