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Best way to manually manipulate depth and/or stencil?

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I am working on an all-software volume renderer. Since I need to include non-volume objects I need to manually write Z values into my depth buffer at the correct location. How should I do this most efficiently? Speed is not too critical, as rendering times are in the order of many sec/frm anyway. My first thought was: 1) Get depth buffer (GetDepthStencilSurface) 2) Lock rectangle 3) Fill with info 4) Unlock 5) Set depth buffer (GetDepthStencilSurface) But since I currently also use the stencil buffer I am forced to use a format such as D24S8 - not lockable! Any ideas on how this should be done? Ideally, I want to accomplish writing Z values, still be able to use stenciling and all this without actually rendering geometry.

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