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Begginers, Newbies lend me your ears

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its becoming a bit redundant because in the last 6 days there have been 10 posts asking where to start or how to create a game. I am happy to entertain this once in a while. But lately it has been getting very annoying. i suggest all people who are new read the FAQ first (for those of you who dont know [Frequently Asked Questions]) from that standpoint it will answer all questoins you have about in gerneral game development and where to start and what road to take and ect. ect. This may be a rant, but it gets very annoying to see it over and over again. Usually, the information is out there and not looking for it is a sign of laziness and will not aid you if you want to enter such a competitive industry such as the gaming industry. Ask questions, that are realevent as this is a discussion. Also note to the moderator if you could post a sticky to some of th e posts so they can see them that would be grand. Well thats it. I hope everyone well in thier endeavors! - Mike

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quoted from the faq!

Asking questions
(Adhere to the following guidelines as much as possible and realize that not following them could lead to the deletion of your post.)

1) Before you post, please think to yourself "did I explore every option in trying to figure this out for myself ", its understood that 5 or 6 hours of continuous programming can give you a mental block but please don’t ask questions that you could easily answer yourself with a quick Google search or a skim over the reference section.

2) has different forums for different subjects; put your question in the most relevant forum.

3) Don’t cross post. Keep your question to one forum only. You can delete your post by clicking "edit" and then checking the "did you double post" box, in the top left hand corner of the edit screen.

4) Be as descriptive as you can. State the language, platform, compiler etc that you are using, according to relevancy.

5) Make your question as understandable as possible and go easy on the abbreviations and Internet slang. Remember, if you ask a clear and concise question, you will be more inclined to get a clear and concise answer.

6) Try to make your subject title as relevant as possible.

7) Browse before you ask. Check the last few pages or use the search feature to see if your question has been answered before.

8) The infamous "this" vs. "that" threads are considered flame bait. If you’re debating between OpenGL and DirectX or C vs. C++, please try to refrain from creating "which one should I choose" or "which one is better" threads. These threads usually turn into an argument and rarely lead to any kind of conclusion.
The best way to find out if something is right for you, is to try it for yourself or at the very least, spend some time researching the pros and cons.

9) Do not ask homework related questions. The members are not here to answer your homework questions, its against the forum rules and few people take kindly to it. Besides, we shouldn’t need to tell you that figuring it out for yourself will be way more beneficial to you in the long run.
Still not sure how to get your question across? Then read this.

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You won't stop the people posting messages like 'Please can you tell me where to start, I am new to this' Because they are simply looking for Forums on which to ask a question, once registered they head straight through to the 'Beginners' section without taking note of anything else. They post their message and await the responses, most saying 'USE THE FOR BEGINNERS LINK!!!'

All I can suggest is you ignore them and let the people willing to say 'use the for beginners link' to point them in the right direction.


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My "Hey I'm new" Post contributed to this, for which I'm sorry, but for the record the topic was moreso to introduce myself and say hi, I'd already been to most of the links people kindly referred me to.
The idea of skickying one isn't too bad, but some new people just want to introduce themselves and say hi.

Sorry for any hardships, but hey, it's the newbie forum, where else are you going to see first-time blatant disregard for FAQ's and other such commodities?

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