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Sonic Valley

Far Cry Mod To Produce New Audio with EAX and 5.1 Surround

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We're happy to announce that our sound department has recieved the EAX SDK and associated tools from Creative Labs in order to incorporate EAX technology in the Navy Seals: Preemptive Operations Mod. Our Sound Designer Sonic adds, "Getting the SDK, Tools and continued support from Creative Labs is a big step. There are EAX presets in the sandbox editor but they are limited and were created for the maps that came with the game originally. Now I can program all of the EAX parameters and build our own presets as they pertain to the enviroments that have been custom made in the Navy Seals: Preemptive Operations Mod. I'm also going to extend EAX farther to outside enviroments, Currently there are about half a dozen EAX presets made for outside so I'd like to add to those. I'll also be helping our music department incorporate EAX technology into the music as well. Audio is now starting to become a huge part in games and now finally modification and mapping teams are realizing this. My goal is to continue the quality of the audio experience for the players that they've come to expect and to expand on it. With us producing the audio with EAX and in 5.1 Surround, The Navy Seals: Preemptive Operations Mod is assured that those expectations will be realized". Check out our mod profile on ModDB for some new weapons and concept art that was just released! Check out the Gallery Now! Info on Our Sound Department: Music - Arik Burns aka Aakburns Site: SFX - Vance Dylan aka Sonic Site: For more information on NS-PO, be sure to check out our home site at

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