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Posting messages through a hierarchy

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Hello, i've been working on this control library, and recently decided that I want to have multiple levels...such as a parent window can have many children (like buttons, labels, scrollboxs) and then those controls can also have children..(like nested windows ) and so forth.. so I up my base class somewhat like this
class CControl
CControl * m_Parent;
CControl * m_ChildControls;
CControl * m_NextSibling;
CControl * m_PrevSibling;
where my problem comes is posting messages (such as like mouse click events) to all my my WndProc I have the following
CControl * g_Window;

//later on
LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc(blahblahblah)
g_Window->PostMessageToAll(msg, wparam, lparam, data)
the part that I cannot come up with is the PostMessageToAll shouldn't be that hard, but I keep on confusing myself when trying to think of how to do i'm wondering if anyone of you have an idea how to do this.. where it would post in a top down manner...whereas the parent gets the message first, then the children and sibling..then the grandchildren ...then after that I think I need to be able to post the messages in reverse too for painting I'm sorry if I explained that really bad, but if anyone has an idea what i'm talking about please respond.. Thanks

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