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overloading global new operator

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typedef void* (*global_new_ptr)(size_t);

global_new_ptr global_new = ::operator new;

void* operator new(size_t s)
// do some book keeping
// allocate memory
return (*global_new)(s);

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Original post by Silly_con
still recursive

Well of course, thats not overloading that is just redefining it (well trying to and going into an infinite recusion) you wont something like this:

#include <new>
#include <iostream>

struct foo_t {};

extern const foo_t foo; //no need to define it.

inline void* operator new(size_t n, const foo_t&) throw() {
std::cout << "MY NEW\n";
return ::operator new(n, std::nothrow);

inline void operator delete(void* ptr, const foo_t&) throw() {
std::cout << "MY DELETE\n";
::operator delete(ptr, std::nothrow);

int main() {

int* int_ptr = new(foo) int(30);

std::cout << *int_ptr << std::endl;

operator delete(int_ptr, foo);

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