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Recommendation of the day: Ultimate++

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I have a recommendation for you all. I would like to recommend Ultimate++. Yes, it's still in beta, heck it's probably even alpha. But it looks very promising. I've only toyed with it for a few days and it's very rough around the edges but it feels great. Ultimate++ is a new Windows/Linux C++ platform. It includes an IDE, simply dubbed TheIDE, and a C++ GUI library called Ultimate++. It works for Linux as wells as Windows. On the latter OS you can use the MS Free C++ Toolkit or MinGW. Ultimate++ will detect either one automatically during setup and use that for compiling. TheIDE is a very different IDE from what you're used too and very unconventional but it really feels excellent. The best thing is the GUI library which is a modern C++ framework which makes it a breeze to make GUI apps. TheIDE insludes a visual designer as well. Do note that it uses non-native widgets which for some is a no-go. When that's said, it is very easy to make you own controls. The "bad" stuff: It's still very early in development and as such it's extremely crude and rough. There's almost no documentation whatsoever at the moment which is a show stopper (I'm writting some myself). Anyway if you'd like a different IDE with a good cross platform library try it out. I'm impressed, all considering. Link: Ultimate++.

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