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Genius_Bobby    100
Hi, i m working on game project,i just want to know is there any way that i will do some coding in c++/opengl and menus in java and then link up?Is there any way ?i will really appreciate for your reply. Thanks

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flangazor    516
Yes you can connect them. However, you will probably not enjoy doing it and it will likely cause more trouble than it solves.

It may be easier to stick with C/C++. If you are on windows, you may like to try gtk, wxwindows. If you have access to .Net, you may like to try winforms or gtk#. If you are on an x11 system, you may like to try qt or gtk.

Alternatively, you can try java3d and avoid the C++/opengl side.

If you really really want to do it in java and C++ with opengl, you may want to put the various java stuff and the various C++ stuff in different processes that communicate using a multiprocess communication protocol (mpc -pipes, tcp, files).

gl hf

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