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3D Studio and Character Studio

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NiteLordz    808
Does anyone out there have any experience using character studio 4.0 and willing to help out a novice modeler. i am experimenting with a new "toy" ( character studio 4 ) and was looking for some help/tutorials. i read thru some of the ones that come with the program, but was hoping for some other help as well. anyone interested in helping ??? AIM: NiteLordz email: thanks much

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Raymondo    100
I would suggest the manual. It covers pretty much everything.

failing that of course (assuming you didn't get the manual, or obtained the plugin via 'special' means) you can check a few of these sites out.

here (I just linked this specific tutorial, but there are a number of free tutorials on 3dcafe that cover character studio related topics)

Hopefully that should give you a start. If you need some expert advice, or any thoughtful critique, head on over to CGTALK.COM you should be able to get plenty of help there.


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