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AVIStreamOpenFromFile : error opening file

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Hi there, I have tested Nehe's Lesson 35 on my laptop and it works. Then I replaced his AVI file Face2.avi by an AVI file of mine and simply run the program again. I get the following error: "Failed to open AVI Stream" In other words, the following line code failed: if (AVIStreamOpenFromFile(&pavi, szFile, streamtypeVIDEO, 0, OF_READ, NULL) !=0) {...} However, I did not change anything else! I simply replaced the AVI file. Windows Media player plays the file well by the way. My AVI file was generated by Windows Movie Maker (captured from a DV camera). Windows Media player says that the video codec is: DV Video Decoder and the audio codec is: WMplug Also, the frame size is different from Nehe's (he has 160x120 and I have 720x480). Is that the source of the problem? Anyone can help? Thanks a lot in advance! - Olivier

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