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Want to develop RacingGame

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sweetu    122
Hi,i want to develop racing game so any one can please help me to design the abstract of game.means how much sprites r reqired and some frame bitmap also i want.also some car bitmap.and the highway background.

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Jiia    592
Man, that sounds like a lot of work. Maybe it would be easier to make a completely 3D polygonal racing game?

Any rate, you mean you want a rad racer? A road rash? I guess you could make the road by skewing a straight road graphic, and drawing sprites on the sides? You would need to compute a line on the screen which shows the current view of the road, then simply skew the road graphic on each pixel row so that the road is centered on the line.

Imagine a top-down image where the entire track is a pixel thick line, like most racing game mini-maps look. If you then draw a rectangle centered on any part of that line, that would be your screen.

As for car graphics, that's the easy part. The car just needs to slightly rotate left and right. There are no tricks to this, as far as I can guess. You just need as many bitmap frames of rotation as you want the turns to allow. You also need to be able to scale the cars down as they are farther from the player location.

Like I said, maybe a fully 3D game would be easier? [wink]

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