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OpenAl and OggVorbis files

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Hi everybody I have a problem with playing ogg files with openal, i can play the sound but when i put it in the game the fps are divide by two. When i played the same files in wave the fps are really better, if somebody can help me it will be good. Thanks

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FPS isn't really a good way to measure the efficiency of code changes.

Is it a drop from ~800 to 400, or from 60 to 30?

Use the time it took to render a frame as measurement instead.

800 to 400 drop:
frame time: 0,00125 ms ( 800 fps )
frame time: 0,0025 ms ( 400 fps )
- Difference: 1.25 ms

60 to 30 drop:
frame time: ~0,0166666666666667 ms ( 60 fps )
frame time: ~0,0333333333333333 ms ( 30 fps )
- Difference: 16.66667 ms

Catch my drift?

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