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DDraw surface creation failure?

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I'm trying to create a DDraw 7 surface at my collage computer but it fails. I don't have access to up the DirectX debug reports so thats of no benafit. The code works on my own machine. It sucks because I deveoped this project to work at collage so I have time for my own code at home. I'm using the Andre LeMothe engine because I'm creating my own 3D engine at home. Sorry for the pointless info, I thought I'd just point it out. Heres the code:
int Create_BOB(BOB_PTR bob,           // the bob to create
               int x, int y,          // initial posiiton
               int width, int height, // size of bob
               int num_frames,        // number of frames
               int attr,              // attrs
               int mem_flags,         // memory flags in DD format
               USHORT color_key_value, // default color key
               int bpp)                // bits per pixel

// Create the BOB object, note that all BOBs 
// are created as offscreen surfaces in VRAM as the
// default, if you want to use system memory then
// set flags equal to:
// for video memory you can create either local VRAM surfaces or AGP 
// surfaces via the second set of constants shown below in the regular expression

DDSURFACEDESC2 ddsd; // used to create surface
int index;           // looping var

// set state and attributes of BOB
bob->state          = BOB_STATE_ALIVE;
bob->attr           = attr;
bob->anim_state     = 0;
bob->counter_1      = 0;     
bob->counter_2      = 0;
bob->max_count_1    = 0;
bob->max_count_2    = 0;

bob->curr_frame     = 0;
bob->num_frames     = num_frames;
bob->bpp            = bpp;
bob->curr_animation = 0;
bob->anim_counter   = 0;
bob->anim_index     = 0;
bob->anim_count_max = 0; 
bob->x              = x;
bob->y              = y;
bob->xv             = 0;
bob->yv             = 0;

// set dimensions of the new bitmap surface
bob->width  = width;
bob->height = height;

// set all images to null
for (index=0; index<MAX_BOB_FRAMES; index++)
    bob->images[index] = NULL;

// set all animations to null
for (index=0; index<MAX_BOB_ANIMATIONS; index++)
    bob->animations[index] = NULL;

#if 0
// make sure surface width is a multiple of 8, some old version of dd like that
// now, it's unneeded...
bob->width_fill = ((width%8!=0) ? (8-width%8) : 0);
Write_Error("\nCreate BOB: width_fill=%d",bob->width_fill);

// now create each surface
for (index=0; index<bob->num_frames; index++)
    // set to access caps, width, and height
    ddsd.dwSize  = sizeof(ddsd);
    ddsd.dwFlags = DDSD_CAPS | DDSD_WIDTH | DDSD_HEIGHT;

    ddsd.dwWidth  = bob->width + bob->width_fill;
    ddsd.dwHeight = bob->height;

    // set surface to offscreen plain
    ddsd.ddsCaps.dwCaps = DDSCAPS_OFFSCREENPLAIN | mem_flags;

    // create the surfaces, return failure if problem
    if (FAILED(lpdd->CreateSurface(&ddsd,&(bob->images[index]),NULL)))

    // set color key to default color 000
    // note that if this is a 8bit bob then palette index 0 will be 
    // transparent by default
    // note that if this is a 16bit bob then RGB value 000 will be 
    // transparent
    DDCOLORKEY color_key; // used to set color key
    color_key.dwColorSpaceLowValue  = color_key_value;
    color_key.dwColorSpaceHighValue = color_key_value;

    // now set the color key for source blitting
    (bob->images[index])->SetColorKey(DDCKEY_SRCBLT, &color_key);
    } // end for index

// return success

} // end Create_BOB

Thanks ;) [Edited by - Coder on November 10, 2004 12:09:47 PM]

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