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Container autoclip ambient property

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Hello, I am developing an activex component for IE and I am getting an output debug warning message when pThis->GetAmbientProperty(DISPID_AMBIENT_AUTOCLIP, VT_BOOL, &bValue) ? bValue : 0; is executed in STDMETHODIMP COleControl::XOleObject::SetClientSite(LPOLECLIENTSITE pClientSite) method during the creation of the COleControl. The output message is: Warning: constructing COleException, scode = E_FAIL ($80004005). First-chance exception at 0x77e4d756 in dllhost.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: COleException @ 0x010cf4e0. The application works OK, but I want to know how to alter/create the autoclip ambient property in order to get ride of this annoying warning message. I have been searching all over the web how to change this property, but I couldn't find anything useful. Need expertise help. Thanks. [Edited by - hparracho on November 10, 2004 10:23:44 AM]

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Note, I do believe this is a bug somewhere but just for info...
Not all first chance exceptions mean there is a problem. It just means that an exception was thrown.

Some Methods, like IsBadPtr for instance, throw exceptions as part of their operations and its intentional.

First Chance just means your debugging it and the debugger got hte exception. It will then pass it to the program. If its not handled by the program its passed back to the debugger and becomes a second chance exception, which is a bug because your program hasn't dealt with it.

Sometimes some Active X controls return E_FAIL instread of E_NOTIMPLEMENTED for methods they don't implement. It could be that the active X control your using doesn't support a particular method and its returning the wrong HRESULT.


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Hello again,

To paulecoyote:

Thanks for the help, but the COleControl::SetClientSite is
invoked after the exception is thrown.

To chollida1:

I tried to alter the AutoClip ambient property, through IDispatch's Invoke method, but IDispatch's returned E_UNEXPECTED.

It looks like that the container (Internet Explorer) doesn't support the autoclip ambient property.

Can this be the origin of the exception?

Thanks for the help.

[Edited by - hparracho on November 10, 2004 6:28:05 PM]

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