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milkshape 3D skeleton moving

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I have created a model of a human male in milkshape 3D and I put in a skeleton, and have not yet animated it (I know how though) anyway, I tested my model in my game engine, and figured out that instead of building my model with the mid-section on the middle of the window, I should have planted his feet right on top of the yellow (x) line so that when I load him into my game engine his feet will be on the ground. Instead, he sinks halfway into the ground because the torque engine reads the ground as that midpoint. So I need to move everything up to that line in milkshape. Seems simple enough. NOPE! when i select all and move it, the skeleton feet, arms and head all rotate upwards if I move the model up, and downwards if I move it down. Is there anyway to move it without these defirmations? or do I have to remake the skeleton in the new location? Thank you, Whelzorn

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