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nVidia stereo SDK

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Has anyone received the Stereo SDK from the nVidia? As I understand it should be somehow connected to DirectX. However, they have no specific files/libs/documents about this on the site, and they do not hurry to answer my e-mail. I've also seen posts of other developers who was in the same situation (they sent several e-mails but had no response during weeks). Does this SDK really exist? :) Is there any other information how to control stereo rendering with DirectX on nVidia hardware? Thanks you.

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Thank you.
Interesting site, but this is not what I am looking for.
OpenGL is not problem - in fact I am generally using OpenGL to render 3D scene (not DX).

The problem is that stereo in nVidia is not supported through the native OpenGL commands (using the proper PixelFormat and glDrawBuffer(GL_BACK_LEFT/RIGHT)).
The nVidia supports stereo in OpenGL "transparently" for developer - they use some imtermediate engine that takes your 3D-output and creates 2D for left and rught eyes.
This approach is not proper for most of my tasks, because a part of rendering calculation is done by my software.
However as I see from 3rd party libs they gives access to DX surfaces that corresponds to left and rught eye.

Another problem - they still support only full-screen applications but this seem to be the same fot both OpenGL/DX.

I've sent a request to nVidia a week ago but they did not respnoded yet.

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Depending on the hardware you are using you can program a stereo application without using the GL_BACK_LEFT/RIGHT buffers.

There are som HMDs that have 2 rbg connections. If you use a dual head graphics card, you can draw one projection on one "exit" of the card and the other projection on the other "exit" (sorry for my english). You can do that making a viewport two times bigger than the screen.

Other HMDs accept the line interlaced stereo format. Using this format you must draw one projection in the even lines and the other in the odd lines.

I hope this is what are you looking for.


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