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winsock error 10054 WSAECONNRESET when using loopback ip - why?

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I'm working on a client/server based network game. It uses UDP. Each instance of the game as two sockaddr_in varaibles, one for itself (m_LocalInfo) and one for the server (m_ServerInfo). It was my intention to treat a single player game as no differently than any other client who wasn't playing on the actual server machine. I was going to set the m_ServerInfo to point to the loopback IP address ( and just receive messages in the same receive queue that all the messages normally come in on. My problem is that even though I can send messages fine to the loopback IP address, when I try to receive those messages I get a winsock error 10054 on them. If I set the m_ServerInfo to the machines actual IP address, I can send and receive messages just fine. Has anyone else tried this kind of setup? I wanted to avoid writing any more client/server specific code than necessary and sending messages back to itself using the loopback IP seemed like a good way to avoid unneeded network traffic. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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when specifying the address part of sockaddr_in, have you tried using:

TCHAR *lpszIPAddr = 0 ;
hostent *pConnectedHost = 0 ;
struct in_addr *pInAddr = 0 ;

// Please check for NULL return
pConnectedHost = gethostbyname("") ;
pInAddr = (struct in_addr *)*pConnectedHost->h_addr_list ;
lpszIPAddr = inet_ntoa(*pInAddr) ;
m_ServerInfo.sin_addr.S_un.S_addr = inet_addr(lpszIPAddr) ;


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