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Adding a tag to an X File

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Ok guys, i have a model ? concerning the X File. i have developed my model in 3d max, exported it to my game using panda's exporter, and everthing is great. however, like most htings, i always want more :). so i want to add a few things, and was hoping for some ideas on how. first, my character is naked. however, i dont want to just put a skin texture on him, and call it a day. i want to put "clothes" on him, like a suit of armor, or maybe a hat. well the hat idea goes along wth my second ?. how can i attach tags to my character's hands, so that he is holding a weapon, or a shield. here are my thoughts on the tag situation. i can search thru the model, real time if i have to, and find the body part labeled, "L Hand" or whateer i decide to call it. then find the matrix associated with that and use that?. i was hoping for a little simpler method. i am open to suggestions. thanks much

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