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Reading lights in a 3DS

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I am having big problems trying to read lights from a 3DS file. Here is what I do: In ProcessNextObjectChunk()
case OBJECT_LIGHT:   // Defined, and works.

Function ReadLight(tChunk *pChunk)
CVector3 lightPos;

pChunk.bytesRead += fread(&lightPos, 1, pChunk->length - pChunk->bytesRead, m_FilePointer);

Now, I know it can locate light chunks in the file, but I cannot read them properly. I suppose that the position of the light is a 3 float array just after the OBJECT_LIGHT id (color and such is in a sub-chunk of sorts, right?). Anyone recognize my problem? I tried looking at how another guy had made it, but it seemed so different from what I have for reading 3DS files.

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