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DirectShow/Direct X video capture to surface problem

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I am using DirectShow and the VMR9 to render a video stream onto a D3D surface using a texture. ( like the texture3d9 example where they put video onto a surface that looks like a flag. ) The problem is, when I run the application in debug, the video capture looks fine. When I run the application in release, the video capture has this bluish tint to it. I have spent a number of weeks on this and I just can't find the source of this problem. Everything is initialzied properly ( as far as I know ). One side note..on the DirectX configuration in the Control Panel, the radio button 'Use debug version of DirectX libraries' is toggled. When I use the runtime version, the application just displays a black window. However, in C++ 6.0 Visual Studio environment, the debug build of the project links to the debug libraries, and the release build links the release libraries. What does toggling the 'use retail version' do exactly if one is linking to the release libraries? Anyway..I am going NUTS trying to get rid of this bluish tint and I'm hoping someone could point me the right direction as far as solving this problem goes. Thank you!

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