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Knowledge base reworking

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Im not entirely sure this is the correct place to post this, but I see a lot of repetitive posts in the forums. I'm sure this is nothing new to the majority here, but I was wondering how feisable a reworking of the site might be? I know that sounds retarted, blah blah blah this is a game development site etc. etc. but let's be serious: there is a ton of quite frankly good information being lost in the depths of the forums. I understand completely that writing tutorials is a real pain, so what I am proposing is a revamping of the site, as it were. Creating a sort of knowledge core where the greater portion of ideas are kept, because as I see it, the forums should be a place to discuss, not a place to get the bulk of your information. Currently, the best solution is the wiki-izing system (please don't berate me, I don't admit to knowing anything about how web site cybernetics work, while you have to admit their system is pretty good.) If you have any good ideas for this, however, I'm sure the moderators (or higher ups) would be glad to hear it. It might get more people out of the habit of forum chat and back into real coding. I mean, there are some good ideas here, but getting solid information is very difficult, maybe if it were more accessable, people could get more done, maybe?

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