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lookat transformation

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for my 3d project, i have 2 render windows, in one i have the main camera, in the other i want to see the frustum of the main camera the frustum is a pyramid calculated from the FOV, and near&far planes and the eye is at <0,0,0> looking into the z-axis (negative or positive, doesnt matter) the camera has 3 components, a position, a look at point, and an up vector my question is: how to construct a transfromation matrix for the renderable view frustum? i dont need any1 telling me this:
zaxis = normal(At - Eye) xaxis = normal(cross(Up, zaxis)) yaxis = cross(zaxis, xaxis) xaxis.x yaxis.x zaxis.x 0 xaxis.y yaxis.y zaxis.y 0 xaxis.z yaxis.z zaxis.z 0 -dot(xaxis, eye) -dot(yaxis, eye) -dot(zaxis, eye) 1
because that doesnt do wut i need

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not wut i meant,

i want to transform a couple lines representing the view frustum in world space, not any later stage in the transform pipe

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woops, i had a typo

heres my finishd code, to save someone the headache ive been havin

int CCamera::DrawFrustum(){
return 0;

IDirect3DDevice9 *dev = (IDirect3DDevice9 *)this->ppDev->GetDevice();
return 0;

CMatrix mat;
CVector dir = this->cfCurrent.vecPosition-this->cfCurrent.vecLookAt;

float cx = sqrtf(dir.z*dir.z+dir.x*dir.x);
float cy = dir.z/cx

float roll = acosf(vecYP.Dot(this->cfCurrent.vecUp));
float elevation = acosf(cx);
float heading = acosf(cy);

if(dir.y > 0.f)
if(dir.x < 0.f)
heading = -heading;

mat = matIdentity.GetRotateAxisZ(roll);

this->Frustum[8].vecPosition = this->cfCurrent.vecLookAt;
this->Frustum[9].vecPosition = this->cfCurrent.vecPosition;




return 1;

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