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Translated Point to World Coordinates - Billboarding

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Greetings, I have used a billboarding technique (from NeHe of course) and it works great (btw-thanks). I have a cube representing a block of 3D space with shipts, etc. and the billboard is inside (it's actually identifies a target to shoot at). By using this technique, the box around the target always displays toward the viewer. Kewl. (hard to explain without seeing it, but here's what I'd like to do) I'd like to use this same technique to plot a 3d point within the cube so that you can move to it. For example, I make a plane in the center of the cube that always faces me - where the size of it equates to about the same size as the cube. As you spin the world, the plane passes through numerous points that I would like to identify. So, for example you spin the cube around and the billboard crosses a point in space - I'd like to select that point on the screen as a waypoint. Problem: I have translated to (15,15,15) and used that translated point to draw lines,circles, etc. on a plane facing me., but I can't figure out how to change one of those points to a real-world coordinate. Any help will do - or point me to somewhere I can read up on this. I doubt I'm the first to run across this :) Thanks

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