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I just made a simple PAK file opener, but one line of code doesn't work... // Structures typedef struct { char Signature[4]; int DirOffset; int DirLength; int NumFiles; } pakHeader; typedef struct { char FileName[56]; int FilePosition; int FileLength; } pakEntry; // Open a PAK file FILE *file; pakHeader Header; pakEntry *Entry; int NumFiles; file = fopen(FileName, "rb"); fread(&Header, sizeof(Header), 1, file); if (strncmp(Header.Signature, "PACK", 4)) fclose(file); fread(&Header.DirOffset, sizeof(int), 1, file); fread(&Header.DirLength, sizeof(int), 1, file); NumFiles = Header.DirLength / sizeof(Header); // This line doesn't work and returns an error! Entry = new pakEntry(NumFiles); fseek(file, Header.DirOffset, SEEK_SET); fread(Entry, sizeof(pakEntry), NumFiles, file); for (int i = 0; i < NumFiles; i++) SendMessage(hListView, LB_ADDSTRING, 0, (LPARAM) Entry->FileName); If there are any other errors, please tell me them!

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