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Making a FPS bot

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I've searched for threads on bots but havent really found out an answer to the main question I have right now. The bot itself is not the main part of my project, I dont want to make anything extraordinary - I just want to make my FPS playable with some simple AI. From what I've read, doing a FSM with a system of waypoints could be just what I need. The problem is the waypoint part. I basically have a .bsp map in memory and a routine to check if a collision with the map happens between 2 points. From there, how can I build waypoints? I know that entities could be used (ammo boxes, health, armor, guns, etc). But I dont think that would be enough, would it? And Im also not too sure about navigation between those waypoints. The first part would be managing to get a path between 2 waypoints (which could be done offline and saved to a file?). And secondly, making bots follow these paths. What come to my mind right away would be to make the bots stay all the time on these 'lines' and move one way of the other... That would look unnatural, but would that be a good start anyway? Thanks for the help.

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