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[web] Design Q: Property grids

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I'm currently working on a side project that needs some redesign an d I was hoping for some input. I'm trying to create a property grid control that is somewhat more flexible that what I have currently. The properties are stored in a SQL database, extracted via C# webservice, and displayed in a property grid using Macromedia's Flex. The Property table has entries like Name, Value, DataType, Editable, etc. What I'd *like* to do use to use either the table as is or to store the properties as xml. Some properties would be of an enumerated type that I'd like to store somehow without hardcoding it in Flex. I'd also like to be able to put the properties in some kind of arbitrary tree structure with descriptions and displayed names at each node level. I also need to be able to categorize these properties into tree groups. Now I've been reading up on .xsd files to define the xml structure and I'm not familiar enough with the area to see how they can easily be applied. I know you can define data types using the .xsd and the structure of the xml. I'm just at a bit of a loss as how to apply this to an xml with my property grid. I'm envisioning the xml as containing Name and Value pairs and the xsd as defining the categories, data types, displayed names and descriptions, allowed values (e.g. enumerations), and so forth. Has anyone had any experience designing something similar? Cy

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