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Maya6.0 to .x file export problem

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Hi, I'm having some problems exporting my models animation from Maya6.0 to .X file. I'm using the DirectX5.0Exporter for Maya 6.0 (binary6.0) that came with DirectX9.0(October) SDK. I've managed to export the model without animation, but i'm having trouble exporting the animation with it. This is situation: I'm using joints and ikhandles that are constrained to locators to animate the model. The animation is about 120 frames. When a try to 'Gather Animation' using the DirectX menu item, it start gathering and crashes after a while giving a runtime error and killing maya in the process. I've noticed when I remove the ikhandles it finishes gathering, but does not include the animation when I export to .x file. I know theres been a lot of stuff on the forums about x files and maya, but I can seem to find any help on this problem. What am i doing wrong? Can i use IKHanles or is there something stupid i'm not doing? Please HELP! THX

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