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Hi all, I just got 30 chf for a late birthday present to use in a bookstore nearby. I am a beginner in c++. Atm I went till page nb 5 of (I am getting there ^^). Can anyone recommend me a nice book to learn gameprogramming and take me into some 2d stuff? Thank you very much in advance, Joshua

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I hate to be the one to slow you down but.... sorry...

Before you go into graphics you're gonna need the basics.
Then after lots of hours in this area you could choose to go into 2d in direct draw, d3D, OpenGL, or the like.

A good beginning book i would recomend is:
Ivor Horton's Beginning C++ The Complete Language

This is a good, solid book that i used. It has no 2d graphics in it at all, but i really can't stress how much you need the basics.

Also note this is a big book, 1000+ pages only go for it if you have the dedication to work through it.

Hope this helps,

(But off a sensible line of thought, maybe look at getting a DirectX Book could be the answer... although it Will confuse the hell out of you at the moment)

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