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Using int, as hmenu number, but getting warnings..what to do?

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Hi, in my program I am using: int menuNo = 0; to store the HMENU id. eg: HMENU hmenu = (HMENNU)menuNo; But I am getting converting to larger size or something like that, so I was wondering what I can do to top these warning messages, without using #disable pragma type stuff, also I remember there was some function that would convert numbers into HMENU format, but I can't remember what that was, any idea? Thanks btw: When I do: HMENU hmenu = (HMENNU)0; I get no warnings, but the way my program works, I cant do that.

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why not store the menu number as a HMENU?(btw, it's #pragma disable(warning:warningNum), IIRC). I know nothing about Win32 API, or whatever your using so I'm not sure if that would work for your program(could HMENU be a pointer? If so, you'd need to pass it more than just a normal menu number, it'd need to be a memory location)

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there should not be any warnings. Can you paste some of them here.

This is how child buttons should be created :

for (i = 0 ; i < NUM ; i++)
hwndButton[i] = CreateWindow ( TEXT("button"),
WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | button[i].istyle,
cxChar, cyChar * (1 + 2 * i),
20 * cxChar, 7 * cyChar / 4,
hwnd, (HMENU) i,
((LPCREATESTRUCT) lParam)->hInstance, NULL) ;
return 0 ;

where int i ;

Actually as i got it right the HMENU is the number that helps you find out with what object are you working on

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