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SDL conks out after too many images???!

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ok there is a weird think going on right now and i know what it is its just hard to belive. I have oo about 40-60 images on the screen at one time and if i fire my laser and add just 2 more images to the screen SDL just shuts down. I know this is the problem because when i madify my partical shooter (that is creating about 95% of the images) to shoot less frequently it works. I though that SDL was more durable then this. Is there a way to fix this. Or am i just wrong (that one happens alot) PS my partical gen shoot out a partical every 10 cycles 250 cycles is roughly one sec so as to exactly how many images are on the screen at one time, you do the math. PPS the thresh-hold on whitch i can do everything at once is to set my partical time to 15 cycles [Edited by - raptorstrike on November 14, 2004 3:49:09 PM]

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