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Taken from the site:
What is Gnosticosm? Gnosticosm is a single player space trading/combat game set in the distant future. You play the game as Damien Enoch, a young adventurous space fairng lad setting out on his own in the galaxy. You can choose to become a peaceful trader and miner, a member of the military battling the alien threat to humanity, or a rouge space pirate preying on the weak. There are 9 different ship types, some for military use and others for trading or mining purposes. There are also many different weapons and ship modules you can use to upgrade your vessel for optimal performance in speed, defense, and offensivive capabilities.
We'd love anyone who is interested to download and try out the game, and give any feedback. Suggestions, comments, bug reports, etc. are all welcome. Keep in mind, the game is not complete. There a quite a few bugs we are aware of, and many more we are not, and we are activly working to fix as many as we can. Check out Gnosticosm Thanks! [Edited by - x_gamer_x on November 15, 2004 3:15:57 PM]

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