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[web] BAM-Yuigoh...Check it out plz!

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(Viewing your site with Opera 7.53 on WinXP at 1024x768)

The three-pane layout with banner up top looks good, although the banner appears slightly pixellated. That may just be lack of sleep on my part however.

On the left menu bar, the top item is "Site related;". I assume from the inconsistency with the other sub-heading menu items, that the semicolon is a mistake.

The text "Welcome to BAM-YuGiOh" at the top of the centre section of the site would probably look better if it was centered.

The orange text, although clear and fairly easy to read, seems overly bright to me, but you may like it how it is, and as it doesnt detract from functionality, if there are no other objections it would be fine to keep it.

The "Design downloaded from
Free web design, web templates, web layouts, and website resources!" text at the bottom of the page is overly small, and is unreadable for me.

Spellcheck your updates before posting them, it'll look more professional.

I also noticed your forums are in no way themed to match the site. Just thought I'd note it, as consistency is a good thing (Take the GDnet forums for example, they're fully integrated into the site, and visually match with it).

Oh, and you wanted a rating from 1-10... I'll give it a 4:
-The design is functional, but not original (downloaded template)
-The forums used are visually inconsistent with the main page
-There are numerous spelling errors and typos in the page text
-Some of the other pages (I only tried a few of the links, so possibly all of them) don't visually match the rest of the site, and infact appear completely unformatted.
-Some of your links 404.

//EDIT: Added 1-10 rating/summary

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Thanks for letting me know about that stuff... YEss the semicolon is a mistake I meant to changh it a month Also Do you know of anmyone who can make a a banner??

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Oi. Calm down. The internet is not your personal servant. People will look at your site if they want, and reply if they want. You posting every few minutes isn't going to help.

You have a few translations, but none of them lead back to the English page.

Your idea to use a frame structure makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Only your front page seems to have any sort of structure to it, with subsequent pages just being white with lists of information.

Overall: 3/10. See me after class.

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