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import 3ds keyframe data

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Hi there. I Have been coding the last few days to get skeletal animation working with 3ds files. I export the vertex weights with SkinOrDie... really nice. The bone and animation data, however, is stored in the 3ds file so it should not be a problem to extract it. I have a problem figuring out how the rotations are stored in the 3ds file. The l3ds importer library gives me a xyzw 4-D Vector. I have tried interpreting it as a quaternion and as an axis/angle rotation... neither worked for me. So what is this vector? O_o So my question: Has anybody of you ever successfully tried to load in keyframe data from 3ds files? If so, you're welcome to post your solution ;) big thanx in advance, MadHed

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Well, that's what I thought at first, but the bones were
just aligned like a pile of crap in my engine.
With axis angle rotation it looks at least like something
but it's still messed up....

What I do is basically this:

-get translation vector
-get rotation vetor
-get sale vector

-build matrices
-conatenate matrices: mfinal = mrot*mtrans*mscale

the scale matrix is the identity, however.

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