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What I'm trying to do is add a seperate thread for loading my map data so the program can display a loading screen and later on I wanted to use it for making map changes seamless. Since I'm going to be using the thread in my LoadMap function only I thought I'd go about doing this:
void LoadMap(string fileName)

    //ExecuteDataLoadingFunction with the fileName passed to it in another thread so the rendering loop can continue

     //Then after the data is loaded start creating the GL Textures and VBOs based on the data loaded in the thread

How would I go about doing this using SDL's threading functions? I've tried on my own based on the docs at SDL's official page but it crashes my program.

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Here is a start for you,

Im assuming your using C++ (not C#) and on a Win32 platform:
you need to include <process.h>

This call will make a new thread:

_beginthread(void process(void * arg),0, void * arg); //create new thread

This function will create a new thread and begin processing immediately on the sub routine you pass to it (See first argument) you also may pass arguments to the function you want the thread to process through the 3rd argument of _beginthread. Its been sometime since ive used this so I cant recall what the second argument is.

I believe that it returns an integer value representing the threads handle. You will have to read more about this function at Microsofts website. Threading calls are much more clearer on Linux, so if you do happen to be developing for Linux please email me at and I will provide you more information on Linux multithreading, I can also provide a wealth of information with MT for C#.

Additionally if you have not read up on multithreading I strongly suggest you do so. As soon as you introduce multiple threads into a program you add a number of new problems that you need to take care of and provide error handeling for. Heres some key words for you to lookup, I do not have time to go into great detail now but to give you an idea:

Critical Section Problem
Mutexs / Semaphores
Public Variable Access

In my game I am using threads for a similar purpose I read blocks of a map with one thread while another handles character animation and moving the map so by the time the animation is over the next block is read from the disk and in memory.

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