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Is M3G on SonyEricsson/Siemens usable at all?

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Seems like a lot of vendors have started to support 3D APIs in their latest models. So I happily tested the great new 3D world on mobile phones just to very quickly notice some things: - The SonyEricsson 3d sample looks consist of nothing more then a rotating cube, still this site: claims, that even such a simple scene doesn't get beyond 7-8FPS. - The image quality on the K700 emu is... horrible to say the least. Seems like even backfacing faces pop into the foreground and the texture mapping doesn't seem to know what 'perspective correct' means. Can someone confirm these observations (I don't have the real device)? Can at least the image quality be improved with some quaity settings? I mean, if that's really everything you get on current phone models, why did they bother to implement M3G at all?!

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