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Opengl app for testing

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Hi, I'm getting really depressed because my new job leaves me no time to work on my project. I would be grateful to know what you think of my little opengl app, is it worth developing further or not? Get it here Look around with mouse and move with arrow keys. Frame rate will print to a text file called mve_log.txt when you press spacebar. Quit with ESC. Many thanks for your opinion, Keer PS: Also please give your OS type, processor speed, type of graphics card, frame rate, and indicate if you have turned vsync off or not (if you don't know what vsync is, then it is on). [Edited by - Keermalec on November 22, 2004 1:23:46 PM]

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Time: 37.71s Frame duration 0.0411s Framerate: 24.34 fps Position: 17.26, -48.09, -50.70

CPU: 2.8GHz Pentium 4
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: Integrated Intel 82845GB (it's a computer at work)
My drivers give me no interface for VSync... but judging by my framerate it wouldn't matter anyway.

It's a pretty decent little world you have there. On my graphics card though, there were some horrible seams in the skybox.

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Cool, so it actually works on an integrated graphics chipset! Too bad it doesn't support GL_EXT_texture_edge_clamp.

Llamaguy, which of the following two images looks more like your sky seams?



And do the seams disappear with this version?



[Edited by - Keermalec on November 22, 2004 3:52:41 PM]

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player movement is quite nice. Everything feels nice and solid, alought gravity seems a bit weak.

I did manage to clip on an edge, if you walk along the edge of a block, and are strafing/walking forward you get stuck on the edges.

Where did the stone texture come from? was it downloaded?

would have been solid 60fps as I keep vsync on due to lcd (tearing looks reall really awful on an lcd ;)

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Time: 3.56s Frame duration 0.0166s Framerate: 60.08 fps Position: -9.46, 0.90, -3.03

that's the most common frame rate I got

CPU: 2.6ghz P4
RAM: 384mb I know it's low, but I'm getting more, :)
Video Card: GeForce 4 MX 4000
VSync: application controlled - so whatever you set it at

PS: I couldn't get caught any any edges like RipTorn said although I did run off the edge of the world, weeeeeee ;)

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Nice, i agree the Gravity seems a tad bit weak (you kind of float down the steps), but it is a good app. I am confused by my framerates compared to others here.

Time: 16.45s Frame duration 0.0119s Framerate: 83.93 fps Position: 7.62, 0.90, 20.28
Time: 24.23s Frame duration 0.0113s Framerate: 88.88 fps Position: 18.71, 0.90, 22.34

I did notice some sky seams that looked similar to the ones in the GL_REPEAT pic. They were not quite as obvious as that though.

CPU: 600 MHz P3
RAM: 384mb I
Video Card: Radeon 7200
VSync: I am using Composite VSync and HSync

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Is there any possibility for a fluke in your framerate calc? I just reran the app and made a bunch of logs, this time i averaged about 40fps. That sounds a little better ;)

(also note i have a p4 sitting beside me that i need to ship back due to the CPU being damaged in shipping, so no making fun of me for my slow crappy system. lol)

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Time: 27.98s Frame duration 0.0216s Framerate: 46.34 fps Position: -31.27, 0.90, -12.11

Time: 14.75s Frame duration 0.0184s Framerate: 54.42 fps Position: 14.17, 1.70, 4.27

Time: 26.67s Frame duration 0.0176s Framerate: 56.91 fps Position: -14.09, 0.90, 14.79

AMD Athlon TB 1300
GForce2 MX 400 32MB

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Dvad, 40 fps is probably nearer the truth, I get 50 fps on a GeForce 256, but 80 fps is not impossible. It also depends if you're looking at the empty sky or at the whole geometry. The sky seams are due to older cards not supporting GL_EXT_CLAMP_TO_EDGE in glParameteri(). Dvad can you try the newer version here and tell me if they disappear (this one uses GL_CLAMP instead of GL_REPEAT).

Terrax, way to go! That is one hell of a computer you got there.

I have a Celeron 2400 with a GeForce FX5600 and I get 236 fps.

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Downloaded latest version (world, results:

Time: 3.18s Frame duration 0.0087s Framerate: 114.63 fps Position: -14.00, 0.90, 4.00
Time: 18.98s Frame duration 0.0075s Framerate: 132.51 fps Position: -21.21, 0.90, 9.44
Time: 29.22s Frame duration 0.0050s Framerate: 199.64 fps Position: -6.23, 0.90, 23.06
Time: 71.57s Frame duration 0.0106s Framerate: 94.32 fps Position: 2.92, 1.70, -0.69

Windows 2000 Professional SP3
Athlon 1600XP
256Mb PC2100
GeForce2 ti200 driver version 56.72
Vsync off

Also, the seams in the skybox were hardly noticable.

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Run's fine, CLAMP_TO_EDGE is supported on this GPU, however you say you changed it to GL_CLAMP, still looks good at the corners.

Here's what I got:

Time: 5.83s Frame duration 0.0168s Framerate: 59.38 fps Position: -14.00, 0.90, 4.00
Time: 19.20s Frame duration 0.0167s Framerate: 60.06 fps Position: 9.53, 1.70, 4.18
Time: 27.25s Frame duration 0.0166s Framerate: 60.22 fps Position: 17.43, 0.90, -14.22
Time: 34.23s Frame duration 0.0164s Framerate: 61.05 fps Position: 25.60, 0.90, -23.16
Time: 43.21s Frame duration 0.0166s Framerate: 60.13 fps Position: 29.50, 0.90, -25.12
Time: 65.23s Frame duration 0.0166s Framerate: 60.18 fps Position: 44.01, 0.90, -34.90
Time: 71.88s Frame duration 0.0166s Framerate: 60.21 fps Position: 41.83, 0.90, -20.25
Time: 84.38s Frame duration 0.0170s Framerate: 58.75 fps Position: 25.17, 0.90, 1.08
Time: 94.01s Frame duration 0.0166s Framerate: 60.29 fps Position: 14.51, 1.70, 5.53

O/S: Win2K PRO
CPU: P4 2.4 GHTZ
RAM: 1024M
GPU: GeForce4 Ti-4600.
vsync: on

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Comserv, CLAMP_TO_EDGE is used by the programme if it is supported, otherwise it switches to GL_CLAMP, as some older cards have an incorrect implementation of GL_CLAMP which works like CLAMP_TO_EDGE.

The correct implementation of CL_CLAMP, so I hear, is to average the edge pixels with the colour of the background, thereby creating a dark border around each of the skybox's faces, which shows up as dark seams on the skybox. I have no solution for cards like DVAD's which have a correct implementation of GL_CLAMP but no CLAMP_TO_EDGE support.

Too bad your vsync is on, your fps is limited to your screen refresh rate, which is 60 fps.

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The view drifts slowly up and to the left.

With VSync on, I can control the view with the mouse. It is hard to explain what happens but it is plain horrible. I have to move the mouse real slowly (even then it is jerky) or else it seems to decide to turn at some predetermined rate and then suddenly stop. This rate seems to depend on how fast I move the mouse.

With VSync off, the mouse hardly has any effect at all - I have to constantly move the mouse down and to the right (over and over continuously) to counter the drift.

The arrow keys work properly.

Framerate: 1139 fps

P4 3.0Ghz
6800GT 256Meg

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Time: 2.10s Frame duration 0.0050s Framerate: 199.76 fps Position: -12.66, 0.90, 3.03
Time: 2.88s Frame duration 0.0050s Framerate: 199.29 fps Position: -10.34, 0.90, 0.67
Time: 3.65s Frame duration 0.0054s Framerate: 186.32 fps Position: -8.05, 0.90, -1.68
Time: 4.51s Frame duration 0.0056s Framerate: 177.14 fps Position: -5.50, 0.90, -4.31
Time: 5.40s Frame duration 0.0056s Framerate: 178.27 fps Position: -2.89, 0.90, -7.00
Time: 6.18s Frame duration 0.0054s Framerate: 186.69 fps Position: -0.55, 0.90, -7.83
Time: 6.98s Frame duration 0.0050s Framerate: 199.13 fps Position: 1.85, 0.90, -7.89
Time: 7.91s Frame duration 0.0051s Framerate: 194.73 fps Position: 4.62, 0.90, -7.95
Time: 8.86s Frame duration 0.0049s Framerate: 204.81 fps Position: 7.47, 0.90, -8.03
Time: 9.76s Frame duration 0.0047s Framerate: 213.82 fps Position: 10.19, 0.90, -8.12

Windows XP SP 2
Pentium 4 3.0 GHz 800 MHz FSB
1024 Kingston Hyper-X PC3200 RAM
Radeon 9600 XT 128 Meg / 128 Bit

Also, mouse movements don't seem to work very for me. I do have a Microsoft wireless mouse (and keyboard), but signal strength is not the issue. It's at the point where I have to practically move my mouse sideways across my entire desk to get a <10 degree rotation.

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Hm, the sucky camera movement at high framerates is because I read in mouse movement with getCursorPos. Therefore when the movement per frame is less than 1 pixel, you get zero angle turn, hence the slowness at high framerates.

Can't think of an easy way around this. Anyone know of a function that reads in mouse movement apart from getCursorPos()?

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