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MSVC2005 - Unable to create DLLs?

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VanKurt    133
Hi there! I've written a little DLL (does absolutely NOTHING except a message box). When I compile this code with my old MSVC2003 everything works fine: I start the TestApp and the Message box appears. But when I compile the same code with MSVC2005 and I start the TestApp I get the following Error message: (I don't know how to translate it properly) ;-) Something like: the funktion XYZ's entry point could not be found in happy.dll Both DLL projects were created with the wizard using the same settings. How can this be?

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chollida1    532
How are you exporting the method from the DLL??

How are you importing the method into the exe??

Sounds like the default export/import method could have changed from 2003 to the free beta.


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