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Variable argument list

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how I can pass-throught variable argument list? I would like to do something like this:
void Log(const File& f,const std::string& msg,...)
    fprintf(f.GetFilePointer(),"\nLogged: "+msg,...);

So I could do something like this: Log(LogFile,"The object loaded have %d vertices.",num_vertex); Log(LogFile,"Error in line %d.",num_line); logfile: Logged: The object loaded have 1500 vertices. Logged: Error in line 321. thnx

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The va_list method is inheritly:
1) NOT typesafe
2) UNDEFINED with user-defined objects passed by VALUE or REFERENCE (only builtin types and pointers)
3) "C with some features" rather than C++.

Prefer to use an overloading of operator<< instead, or Boost Format.


void Log( const File& file, const std::string & Message )
fputs( Message.c_str() , file.GetFilePointer() );


Log( LogFile , str( format("The object loaded has %1% vertices.") % num_vertex ) );

This method is:
1) TYPESAFE. If num_vertex has it's type changed, the program will still run correctly.
2) DEFINED for user-types. If they overload operator<< they will work just fine.
3) Using boost, one of the awesomest librarys in existance.

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