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[java] Printing Graphics

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I''ve searched all my books and came up with nothing on this. How can I print graphics from java? All I want to do it print boxes around pieces of text, but according to my books, I can only print text. Does anyone know, perhaps, a workaround for this? I was thinking about exporting the information to a file and writing a program in C++ to do the printing, but that''s not very conveniant to the user. E:cb woof!

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I don''t know how you are trying to print your document, so I can''t be of much help. Here is a link to the Javasoft Printing topics page. Maybe one of these references has your answer.


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I found some code that looks like what I need. However, I still get an error. The link I found is at: http://molsun.ophth.uiowa.edu/~tscheetz/java/awt/print-ex1.html.

Here it is:

public void print_hello()
PrintJob pjob;
Properties p = new Properties();
Graphics pgraphics;
String hello = new String("Hello World!");
String name = new String("Print Job Name");
int x, y;

pjob = getToolkit().getPrintJob(this, name, props);
if(pjob != null) {
pgraphics = pjob.getGraphics();
if(pgraphics != null) {
pgraphics.setFont(new Font("Serif",Font.PLAIN,14));
x = 50;
y = 50;


Now, most of this works. The only place I'm getting an error now, is at the "getPrintJob(this, name, props)" method. It can't convert "this" to a frame. I have the code inside of a Java Applet. Does it need to be inside a Java Application?

What I'm trying to do is print graphics. (a rectangle in this case) This method above allows that.

E:cb woof!

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