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_DarkWIng_    602
Original post by stein
Why would you wanna do that? Then there's no point in using a pbuffer.

There are number of uses of glCopyTexImage2D with pbuffers. Using textures biger then your viewport and limitations to number of pbuffers are just two of them.

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pex22    139
Original post by thibaut VINCHON
I am testing an openGL program using glTexCoord3d
Can any one tell me the difference with glTexCoord2d
What is the third cordinate for

Best regard

short explanation from the clicky (the clicky also contains examples what effects can be implemented in 3d textures and not in 2d):
Original text by X-Micro Technology Corp.
A 3D texture contains information in three dimensions as opposed to two. The addition of the third dimension allows developers access to a depth component of texture information, as well as width and height. NVIDIA’s 3D textures enables developer to think in new ways when texturing objects.


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