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ZeroSigma    122
Hi I've been using LUA for a while now and was considering going over to AngelScript after seeing how easy and fast it is, also it has some functionality that makes it superior to LUA. But... the missing struct or class declaration is a very large drawback for me. In my game I use script defined structures to store entity data and LUA has a very fast why to access these classes, after you have decrypted their 'wonderful' helpfile. :P So when is it going to be implemented and is the why you access script functions, variables and objects going to made easier and faster? I really want to use AngelScript, but those mentioned points are dearly needed.

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WitchLord    4678
Hi ZeroSigma,

I'm currently working on AngelScript 2.0 that will make changes to the WAY the library works internally. Part of the reason for these changes are that in AS 1.x it would be too much work to add support for structures and classes declared in the scripts. The first version of AS 2.0 will have basically the same features as AS 1.10, but once it is released I will start implementing script structures. Part of the changes in AS 2.0 is also the interface to script functions, that should become much easier to work with.

Looking at the history of releases I estimate that AS 2.0 will be released by mid December, and AS 2.1 (with structures) should follow some time in January. These are not promises however, so don't bash on me for not keeping these dates [wink].

AngelScript is still a very young library, and it definitely doesn't have all the features needed to call it a complete library. Obviously not everyone can use AngelScript yet, but I'm continuously adding features so I hope you will keep your eye on AngelScript for future releases.


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