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vertex shader initialization problem

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Hi, I am going crazy from problem I have. I am initializing vertex shader program and I am unable to use vertex profile. Now I have the simpliest cg initialization, which I copied from NEHE tutorial: createcontext works, but cgGLGetLatestProfile doesn't and I don't know why, it always returns CG_PROFILE_UNKNOWN although when I run that NEHE tutorial on CG vertex shader, so it works. and cgGLGetLatestProfile returns appropriate value. Is there something special with initialization? I copied CreateWindow.., PFD ... and nothing. Any recomendation or solution? Thanks Marlitan
CGcontext	cgContext;
CGprofile	cgVertexProfile;

cgContext = cgCreateContext();
if (cgContext == NULL)
    MessageBox(NULL, "Failed To Create Cg Context", "Error", MB_OK);

cgVertexProfile = cgGLGetLatestProfile(CG_GL_VERTEX);	
if (cgVertexProfile == CG_PROFILE_UNKNOWN)
	MessageBox(NULL, "Invalid profile type", "Error", MB_OK);


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