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about common files in directx

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lemonte    122
I am studying direct3d recently. Now I've done through the tutorial about d3d in the sdk samples. And I want to study billboard, clipMirror and envmapping and so on, which are included in the sdk samples. But I found that these samples are all written based the common files. So I try to find some tutorials about the common files. But i didn't succeed. Who knows anything about that?

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DesignerX    174
My advice for you is this :

Altough the common files you are reffering to cover most of
the basic needs for you to write a DirectX API, I think you should learn how to code DirectX basics by yourself like creating direct3d objects , interfaces and so on.

This way you'll get much more understanding of what you are writing instead of being depended on the common files.

There are so many good tutorials covering DirectX basics, from creating DirectX objects to creating amazing worlds..

So try them !

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