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Worldbuilding Project

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I know a lot of creative people hang around in, so I am posting this to see if there are people here interested in joining my Worldbuilding Project. The goal is to build a setting usable for multi-media products, like computer games and RPG's alike, that is consistent and has a fantasy-sci-fi cross-over flair. WE will do this using an open-source like methodology. All races on the planet would be new and we would try to work it out in a Tolkienesque level of detail. The site I made for the project is only a few days old and I am still adding content. But I will listen to worldbuilder-demands in deciding what type of content to add first. Anyone with graphical, storytelling, characterbuilding, musical, .... skills can do useful work, since we want to work out everything we can reasonably work out about this world. Want more info, have questions ? join and have fun [Edited by - Deynomolon on November 26, 2004 3:08:11 PM]

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