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Is this wise?

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azjerei    100
Would this be a wise layout for a 3D game using OpenGL? The game world is constructed from several objects. When the game starts, the bounding box extents for each of those objects is read from a file. Each frame, there is a distance check between the player position and each object's bounding box. Those objects within distance are then dynamically loaded and rendered, the rest remain unloaded and unrendered. I have no clue as to how effective or uneffective this would be. All I know is that it is a complex procedure. Would I be better off just keeping the entire level in memory instead of dynamically loading the parts I want to draw?

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markr    1692
If the level fits in memory, keep it in memory.

Sounds like manually paging bits in/out is premature optimisation. So unless you are likely to have 1 zillion objects, don't.

Even if your level is too large for memory, you can probably break it up into distinct zones of which only a few need to be loaded at a time (say the one the player's in and all adjacent ones).

If the level is small(ish) and doesn't fit in memory, your designers have made it much too detailed :) . If your level is huge and doesn't fit in memory, you can break it up.


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